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Press release: Fitting in: why corporate Canada needs to talk about covering in the workplace

In 2017 half of the visible minority population in Canada was comprised of two ethnic groups – South Asian and Chinese – with each group numbering approximately 2 million

September 24, 2018
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Media Advisory – 7th annual Ascend Canada fall conference 2018

The 7th Annual Ascend Canada Fall Conference 2018 promises to be an exciting day for professionals from all walks of life featuring industry leaders, interactive workshops and panel discussions centered

September 6, 2018
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White paper: “Fitting in at work”: why corporate Canada needs to talk about covering

Downplaying our differences in order to fit in is called “covering”. Covering is a well-known term in diversity and inclusion scholarship, but “covering” is a newer concept in the corporate world, where our workplace cultures can be strong and where the pressure to assimilate can be high

September 5, 2018
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