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Our Story

Ascend Canada was founded in 2012 to enhance the presence, visibility and influence of current and future Pan-Asian business leaders. With the support of our numerous corporate partners, our objectives are to develop the full potential of our 3,000+ members by leveraging our networks and providing programs and events that inspire, as well as educate.

Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America. Ascend reaches 60,000 people with 40+ student chapters and 18 professional chapters located in both the United States and Canada around major business hubs and educational institutions.

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Partner and progress with Canadian Organizations to develop and advance Pan-Asian talent.


To have a diverse and inclusive Canada where Pan-Asian talent can achieve their full potential.


Provide programs and events to help our membership base develop and realize their full potential.

Cultivate the business, leadership and professional growth of members.

Strengthen our corporate ties through our planned programs, business growth opportunities and thought leadership.

Bridge the “Cultural Difference” gap between the Pan-Asian workforce and mainstream.

Leverage Pan-Asians as corporate Canada’s global asset.

Provide deeper connections with and give back to the Pan-Asian community.