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It’s not always easy to balance your career aspirations with your day-to-day work and life commitments. Through insightful interviews with business leaders, the Ascend Canada podcast series aims to provide Ascend members with access to content that will help them fulfill their potential in Canada. Listen anytime, anywhere to conversations and topics that can help you open doors, start a dialogue, and reach your career goals.

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Episode 6: The Birth of Ascend Canada

Aug 2020
Quote from Raj Krishnamoorthy - Don't accept no for an answer. Believe in yourself and every day, say to yourself that you will need to be the 'best you can ever be'

Ascend Canada is a 4000+ member organization today. But, have you ever wondered why and how it came to life? Tune in to hear Raj Krishnamoorthy, Deloitte Partner and one of the founding fathers of Ascend Canada, recollect how a group of visionary Pan-Asian leaders met over coffee and started sketching on a cocktail napkin what Ascend Canada would look like. Raj also shares his personal journey with ‘covering’ and the ‘aha moments’ that made him embrace his uniqueness and grow as a leader. Transcript

Episode 5 – Leading Through a Crisis

July 2020

Kelvin Tran, CFO (US) of TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank® and the founding President of Ascend Canada, has seen it all — from global financial crises to global pandemics — in his 20+ years in progressively senior roles. He believes that the recent pandemic distinguishes great leaders from good ones, based on their responses to crisis management. Tune into this week’s podcast hosted by Bhavna Duggal to find out what it takes to be an extraordinary leader through crises and computer screens. Transcript

Episode 4 – Frontline & Essential: Serving Through The Crisis

June 2020
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During this pandemic, we’re lucky to have many superheroes on the frontlines to help essential services stay afloat. Would you like to find out the driving force behind Loblaw’s recent success in prioritizing their client needs and setting best practices? Tune in as we hear from Angie Kim, Sr. Finance Director at Loblaw Companies Limited, who shares her experience as a frontline volunteer and leader. With host Haritha Murthy, Angie covers the organization’s pivotal strategies, her frontline experience – from random acts of kindness to disturbing xenophobic episodes, and some best practices to succeed in a virtual work environment. In these trying times, Angie’s words are a guiding force in self-reflection, personal well-being and professional development. Transcript

Episode 3 – The Pandemic of Asian Xenophobia

June 2020
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As the world battles Covid-19, stories of blatant racism and violence against the Asian community are surfacing in Canada and United States. In light of this, Health Not Hate (HNH), a campaign that fosters the dispulsion of COVID-induced racism, has gained momentum. In this podcast, you will hear from two advocates who are doing something about it. Serena Fong (VP at Catalyst) and Sonny Wong (President of Hamazaki Wong and lead of HNH) share their experiences and discuss how individuals and organizations can address racism and biases. Transcript

Episode 2 – Navigating Career Crossroads

May 2020
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A background in computer science typically leads to careers in analytics and IT. But there are a number of new and exciting roles emerging as both workplaces and consumer needs evolve. In this episode, podcast host Anish Patel speaks with Jeff Chan – Senior Manager of Consumer Trends and Marketing Innovation at TD – who shares his unique career journey. Transcript

Episode 1 – Rising Up: Female Leadership In a Male-Dominated Industry

Feb 2020
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How can a Pan-Asian woman (who was taught to listen twice before speaking) thrive in an industry dominated by men with Type A personalities? Shirol Liu – Vice President, ICFR I Global Audit at TD – joins host Anish Patel to share tips on being heard throughout her career in Capital Markets. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, be sure to tune in to hear how Liu embraced her differences to stand out and thrive in a challenging environment. Transcript