Ascend Canada was founded in 2012 to enhance the presence, visibility and influence of current and future Pan-Asian business leaders. Today, with the support of our more than 3,000 members and numerous corporate partners, our mission is to develop the full potential of our members by leveraging our networks, and providing programs and events that inspire as well as educate. Ascend Canada is also creating awareness and eminence for our corporate partners while helping them achieve their business, talent and inclusion goals.

Internationally, Ascend has 37 professional and student chapters located in major business hubs and campuses and over 5,000 members from over 200 major companies. Ascend membership is open to individuals of all ethnicities and business backgrounds.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Cultivate the business, leadership and professional growth of our members.
  • Strengthen our corporate ties through planned programs, business growth opportunities and thought leadership.
  • Bridge the “cultural difference” gap between Pan-Asian and mainstream workforce.
  • Leverage Pan-Asian talent as Corporate Canada’s global asset.
  • Provide deeper connections with, and give back to, the Pan-Asian community within Canada.
  • Vision: To have a diverse and inclusive Canada where pan-Asian talent can achieve its full potential.
  • Mission: Partner and progress with Canadian Organizations to develop and advance pan-Asian talent.

Pan-Asians include anyone of Asian origin, including South Asian, Asia-Pacific Islanders, Southeast Asians, North Asians, East Asians and multi-racial, multi-cultural, mixed heritage backgrounds. Ascend Canada is inclusive and is open to those of all ethnicities and races who share in our mission.

  • Open to all ethnicities, ages and professional backgrounds.
  • You can join as an individual member with privileged access to member-only events, and an impressive network of Pan-Asian leaders in Canada and the U.S.
  • You can also join as a partner firm with opportunities to sponsor events and programs.
  • Open to all ethnicities, ages and professional backgrounds.
  • In Canada, it is expected that initial members will come from national companies with a large population of Pan-Asian professionals.
  • In the U.S., Ascend has grown exponentially to over 5,000 cross-industry and multi-functional members from over 200 major companies including the Fortune 100.
  • Opportunities to sponsor local and national Ascend Canada events and programs.
  • Opportunities for business development and relationships within and cross industries.
  • Enhance/supplement your organization’s existing diversity and talent management programs and attract and retain top talent.
  • Share best practices in talent management and leadership development.
  • Opportunities to access a pool of high quality professionals and executives.
  • Demonstrate commitment to career development of Pan-Asian staff.
  • North American in scale.
  • Fastest growing network of Pan-Asian professionals in North America that focuses exclusively on the business leadership potential of its members.
  • Our life long perspective means that we continue to grow our members’ careers – from undergraduate through to executive level.
  • Our extensive networks across industries give us the leading advantage in providing our members with the access and skills they need to become leaders.
  • Ascend Canada members have reciprocal access to Ascend US programs and events.

In the early years of Ascend Canada prior to reaching full scale, we will be offering professional development, networking opportunities and speaker forums.
After reaching scale, a full program will include:

  • Mentorship programs.
  • Business roundtables designed to foster discussions among business executives of companies on complex and relevant business issues.
  • Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement and Development (LEAD) programs designed to help members build and strengthen skills that will assist with career advancement.
  • Advanced leadership program partnered with a well known university in the field of business leadership.
  • Social events such as membership mixers, holiday celebrations, and sporting events
  • Ascend Canada’s vision is to become the premier organization in Canada for Pan-Asian professionals and will be national in scale.
  • Ascend Canada supports the entire duration of a member’s career from undergraduate through to executive level and caters to the different development needs at different stages of their career with a focus on leadership.
  • In addition to Ascend Canada’s own programs, members and corporations will have access to all of Ascend’s programs and network in the U.S. Membership base in the U.S. alone is 5,000 strong.
  • Ascend Canada believes in tone from the top and seeks buy-in from the senior ranks of organizations in promoting and supporting professional development of Pan-Asian professionals within their organization.

Firms can participate as partners by supporting staff membership or by becoming a Corporate Sponsor. Please contact Ascend Canada for more details if you are interested in Corporate sponsorhip.

Individual membership fees are as follows:

Year(s)CAD $
1 Year100
3 Years240

The Founding Firms of Ascend Canada are TD Bank Group, Royal Bank of Canada, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McCarthy Tetrault, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG.