White paper: "Fitting in at work": why corporate Canada needs to talk about covering


You’ve probably heard of unconscious bias training, or other diversity and inclusion programs, but what about Covering?

Downplaying our differences in order to fit in is called “covering”. Covering is a well-known term in diversity and inclusion scholarship, but “covering” is a newer concept in the corporate world, where our workplace cultures can be strong and where the pressure to assimilate can be high. After all, most of us want to work with colleagues who share our values and understand the corporate culture!

Aligning with an organization’s corporate culture, however, and covering are not the same thing. To learn about the differences between covering and compliance with corporate culture, download our Guide. Our Guide also covers the following topics:

  • The history of covering – for example, did you know that heads of state and some of the most well-known actors in Hollywood have all engaged in covering?
  • How to spot covering in your workplace
  • How the high cost of covering can limit the advancement of more authentic, inclusive workplace cultures
  • How a more diverse and authentic workplace culture benefits everyone – from shareholders and leaders to individual employees!

Download the Guide here.

Download the infographic here.

And please remember to share your covering story at #stopcovering.