The Ascend Student Intern Program provides actively involved students from affiliated Universities across Canada with the opportunity to obtain resume-building experience while building authentic connections within the Ascend Canada network.

To support the Ascend vision to develop and advance pan-Asian talent early on during career preparation stage, this program offers:

  • Intern positions within Ascend Canada Workstreams that are semester-long, project-based, or year-long rotations to support workstreams with business as usual (BAU) responsibilities or special projects
  • Provide students with the opportunity to build relevant technical and leadership skills & experience as well as access to the extensive Ascend Canada community to network organically
  • Establish a pipeline of tried and tested student top talent vetted by Ascend professionals to support any Ascend partners’ talent acquisition goals  

Keep checking this space that will list existing and upcoming intern role opportunities entailing the eligibility requirements, steps to apply and timelines.”

Benefits of the intern program

  • Mentoring Opportunity
  • One on one chat with a board member
  • Access to Ascend Canada’s network
  • References (e.g. LinkedIn recommendation, reference letter)

Current positions

We are no longer accepting interns at this time. Please check back around May 2023 for new postings.