AVP, Operations

Tazrian is a Senior Manager at RBC’s Financial Crimes Team where she leads and manages quarterly reports to RBC’s Board of Directors and Risk Committees, providing a comprehensive view of the performance and operating effectiveness of RBC’s Enterprise Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist (AML/CTF) Program.

Prior to her current role, Tazrian honed years of risk management experience at RBC through working in the First and Second Lines of Defense, conducting AML Enhanced Due Diligence and Global AML Oversight Testing. She is currently a Board Member at Queen’s University Council and was a past Board Member at the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (CAUFP). Tazrian was recognized as an Ascend Canada MVP for moderating panels at annual Ascend Conferences,  contributing to whitepapers and writing articles for Ascend.

Tazrian is still a Leafs fan.

Connect with Tazrianlinkedin.com/in/tazrianalam/